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Decentralized web allows for ultimate privacy and security as well as provides opportunities for users to own their information by avoiding storing data on servers owned by large Internet “gatekeepers” or corporations.

Main is true to ownership of online identity and personal information.

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Sumit Ahuja

Innovator. Thinker. I’m an impassioned and ethical technologist who started exploring Internet technologies and treading the world of startups after the rise of Hotmail in the mid-90’s. Pursuing Communication Networks and Cyber Security I went on to become one of the youngest CCIE’s in the world.

After moving to New York in 2005, for the next 10+ years I designed, built & secured global telecommunication networks and data-centers for some of the largest enterprises and service providers; including leading the architecture and engineering for a $1.2B M&A project. In 2009, I filed for a patent that encompasses proximity based social networking and data communications based on users geo-location from other people and businesses. After having found success in running my own data communications consulting firm, in 2016, I started work on a decentralized user-first data ownership and privacy platform, Main, while maintaining a sharp focus on UI, UX, branding and product design.

In June 2020, during the height of the pandemic in New York City, with the resources and team at my disposal I felt the urge to help and develop a tool that could help us in this fight. Thus Viri ( was born. Viri was the worlds only blockchain based, easy to use, privacy-preserving contact tracing network that worked. We received a lot of press coverage and got highlighted on TechCrunch as one of the top tools to fight COVID19 globally. We were sought after by and pitched to some of the largest universities, enterprises and national governments. However, political and technological red-tapes prevented us from full deployment and the project was shelved.

With the focus back on web3, data-ownership and privacy I’m motivated more than ever to take decentralization to consumers with Main.

On weekends, I am a motorsport enthusiast and can be found racing around a racetrack. House music, traveling to explore other cultures and metaphysics are always on top of my mind.